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SPARC is all about supporting governance reforms already underway in Nigeria.
The programme helps Nigerian leaders and government workers change governance for the better.

What is SPARC

The Nigerian and UK Governments set up a partnership – The State Partnership for Accountability,
Responsiveness and Capability (SPARC)
- in August 2008. SPARC will run for seven years and is one
of five DFID programmes that provide support to help Nigeria use its resources more efficiently and effectively.
All five programmes work in harmony.


The other four programmes are:




Why is SPARC important?

Good governance helps minimise corruption, takes the views of minorities into account and gives the most vulnerable groups in society a voice in decision making. It also responds to the present and future needs of society. SPARC is important because it focuses on three key aspects of 'good governance':-

  • Developing responsive policies and strategies that respect the rights of citizens - for example sound policies for economic growth.
  • Making sure that money spent on public services like health and education is used properly, and that there is accountability in its use.
  • Managing public finances well, to ensure that they are used effectively and efficiently.
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