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Political ownership of reforms: Accelarating results in Anambra State!

The Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, has personally signed an ‘Agreed Intervention Approach’ (AIA) with the State Partnership for Accountability Responsiveness and Capability (SPARC) Programme. This means that the SPARC Programme has securedthe highest level of political support and buy-in - of the new administration -for its work in Anambra State!

The Programme was able to achieve thislevel of political buy-in, which is rare in Nigeria, by developing and meticulously implementing an innovative transition engagement plan which it developed in consultation with senior officers of the Anambra State Government.The implementation of that engagement approach was so successful that the Government of Anambra State now considers governance reforms, an indispensable tool without which it will not be able to improve the lives of indigenes and residents of Anambra State.

The Governor of the State, Chief Willie Obiano, confirmed this reality during a governance retreat, organised by SPARC – on 30 may 2014 - for members of the Anambra State Executive Council. The Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Anambra State House of Assembly also attended the retreat. The retreat also afforded other development Programmes funded by the Department for International Development (DFID),which operate in Anambra State, the opportunity to present their bouquet of support to the Anambra State Government.

To underscore the commitment of his administration and the value it places on its partnership with SPARC, the Governor on 13 June 2014, signed theAIA - 13 days after the retreat!This vibrant partnership between SPARC and the Anambra State Government is already producing results! In line with the Governor's request to SPARC that his development blueprint be translated into an implementable state development plan (SDP), Anambra State Government, working with SPARC, has now finalised an SDP which incorporates the current administration’s development agenda. As a result of this, Anambra State has now developed a comprehensive multi - year state development plan which will feed into the State’s budget cycle.This will make Anambra State one of the very few States in Nigeria where development plans are systematically implemented and monitored.


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