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Results: Civil Servants are turning to consultants in Enugu State!

It is happening in Enugu State! O yes it is! Civil servants in Enugu State are now able to use and on their own, cascade governance reform tools introduced by SPARC!

Over the years, SPARC has introduced a number of tools aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of entire organisations and discrete governance processes. Two of such tools include the corporate planning methodology and the use of medium term budget preparation tools. In introducing these tools, SPARC uses a train-the-trainer model whereby a core group of civil servants are trained on use of these tools and this core group is expected to cascade the training to their colleagues.

Corporate planning, an organisational development tool used to make organisations more efficient, customer focused and service delivery driven, was piloted in the Enugu State Office of Head of Service (OHoS). A corporate planning core group, made up of officers from the OHoS, worked with SPARC consultants to implement this pilot. In addition to this hands-on capacity building experience, various training workshops were organised for the core group on the corporate planning methodology. A similar approach was also adopted in introducing and demonstrating, the development and use of economic and fiscal updates (EFU), fiscal strategy paper (FSP) and budget policy statement (BPS) to an Enugu State EFU-FSP Technical Committee. The EFU, FSP and BPS are good practice budget preparation tools that will ensure that budget estimates are realistic; developed using credible fiscal and macro-economic indices.

Results are beginning to emerge from this creative approach to introducing reforms. The corporate planning core group, on its own, is currently facilitating the development of a corporate plan for the Enugu State Civil Service Commission. Having been actively involved in developing the 2014 – 2016 and 2015 – 2017 EFU-FSP and BPS documents, the EFU-FSP Technical Committee have requested that they be allowed to develop the 2016 – 2018 EFU-FSP and BPS documents, with SPARC consultants providing technical guidance at critical stages of the development process.

 What landmark developments! These results continue to validate SPARC’s time tested approach of making ‘consultants’ out of civil servants - in this instance, assisting their colleagues to develop a strategic organisational improvement plan for their organisation. The results also signal the commencement of an era where civil servants in Enugu State will, on their own, apply and deploy internationally recognised budget preparation instruments to the State’s budgeting process, with very limited external support.

With civil servants turning to ‘consultants’ in Enugu State, there is no doubt that the improvements Enugu State has made to its systems and governance processes will be sustained beyond the lifetime of any external support.


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