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Kano State

About Kano State

Kano State, in the north of Nigeria, is Nigeria’s second most populous state according to the 2006 census carried out by the National Population Commission.    

Kano State has for long been known for its industrial activities and is still the second leading industrial centre in Nigeria after Lagos.  During the 1980s the state was host to over 2500 industries, however since then it has witnessed a decline in industrial activities and there are now only 350 large and medium industries.   During the 1960s Kano generated 95% of its revenue locally.   Kano as a state and all 44 Local Governments receive the lowest per capita income  from the Federation Account out of all the 36 states of the Federation, and now depends substantially on revenue through the Federation Allocation Account Committee. Below is a graph showing per capita income  to the state from the State and Local Government allocation of the Federation Allocation Account Committee.

                   Source of the data is the National Population Commission and the Federation Allocation Account Committee.

There are effectively two tiers of Governments in the state – State and Local Governments. SPARC works with both tiers, but predominantly with Kano State Government. Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso was once a Governor of Kano State from 1999 to 2003 and a former Defense Minister. He was re-elected as Governor on 26th April, 2011 under PDP returning to Government house for the second and last term. The incumbent Deputy Governor- Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje (OFR) has now been elected as the Governor and will be sworn in on 29th May 2015.

Kano State and the Millennium Development Goals

There is little up-to-date disaggregated data for Kano on the MDG targets, however the Mid-Point Assessment of the Millennium Development Goals in Nigeria 2000-2007 and the Nigeria Demographic and Health survey 2008 show there are major challenges for Nigeria. Kano State data can be found in the 2005 Kano-State Empowerment and Economic Development Strategy.

Governance Reform Programme

In Kano State, SPARC is working in partnership with key Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to improve and strengthen systems and processes that support successful implementation of the state’s reform agenda and to develop systems that promote transparent and accountable governance.

Specifically, SPARC focuses on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of governance through improving the ways in which:

  • Policies and strategies are made and implemented, including monitoring and evaluation of the implementation process;
  • Public financial resources are managed and accounted for;
  • Government communicates with citizens on reforms;
  • Services are delivered to the public   


Kano Northwest University Temporary Site, Ado Bayero House

Policy and Strategy

The policy and strategy pillar will support government moves from spending on a large number of adhoc, narrowly-focused activities to adopting a collegiate approach to government based on transparency and collaboration within an integrated policy, planning and financial framework over a medium term.  Additionally, the pillar will support Kano State Government move accountability for planning and budgeting back to the MDAs, rather than it being an exercise for the central Ministries.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The central strategic aim for monitoring and evaluation in Kano is to support the policy making, planning and budgeting process, and also the monitoring, evaluation and performance review process of the Kano State Development Plan. 

Public Financial Management

The primary focus of this workstream is to support KnSG to gain full management control over the financial resources of the State within the PFM area, and following this to roll out the application of Cash Management and Accounting controls to MDAs, in order to enable the production of timely information and accurate performance reports. Focus also include supporting the State to increase its internally generated revenue (IGR), enhance its financial reporting system to comply with Federal Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC) directives and encourage quality and timely auditing of financial statements.

Public Service Reform

The objectives of this workstream is to build an efficient, effective and responsive Public Service that is professionally competent, ethically upright, results oriented, performance driven, and citizen/people focussed with the staff, skills, and structures to deliver Government priorities, policy and plans.

Knowledge Sharing

SPARC has recently supported knowledge sharing activities such as cross state visits to review public financial management reform ideas, and to learn  from other state experiences in developing sector strategies.

Key Achievements with SPARC support 

SPARC’s work with various MDAs has led to:

Development, publication and dissemination of the Kano State Development Plan (KSDP), in collaboration with Ministry of Planning and Budget (MoPB) and other DFID programmes;
Development, publication and dissemination of State Policy Guide for Policy Makers, in collaboration with Ministry of Planning and Budget;
  • Preparation of a Strategy and Implementation Plan for improvement of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) (with State Board of Internal Revenue);
  • Development, publication and dissemination of Guidelines for preparing Medium Term Sector Strategies (MTSS) for Ministries, Departments and Agencies in collaboration with Ministry of Planning & Budget;
  • Preparation of State Environment Medium Term Sector Strategy and supporting development of other sector strategies such as Education and Health;
  • Preparation, publication and dissemination of Guidelines for reporting Sector Performance Management;
  • Development, publication and dissemination of Human Resource Management Policy in collaboration with Office of the Head of Civil Service; 

Other things we hope to do in partnership with the State Government 

With strong support from the State Government, SPARC plans to:

  • Work with the Ministry of Planning and Budget to prepare a new State Development Plan for the State;
  • Continue to work with the Office of the Accountant-General and the Ministry of Planning & Budget to support the preparation of realistic and implementable multi-year budgets through regular update and use of the Government Resource Estimation and Allocation Tool (GREAT);
  • Continue to work with the Office of the Head of Civil Service to fully introduce Corporate Planning, best practice Human Resource Management (HRM) and Performance Management in the civil service for effective service delivery;
  • Work with the Office of the Head of Civil Service to develop and implement Service Charters for more efficient service delivery;
  • Work with the State Government through a Self- Assessment and Joint Annual Reviews to track and capture changes and improvements in governance. 

Collaboration with Other Donor Funded Programmes

SPARC collaborated with other donor programmes in Kano such as the European Union funded Support to Reforming Institutions Programme and the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Reform Programme.  SPARC also worked with the UNDP during the installation of a Wide Area Network and Financial Management Information System in the Audo Bako Secretariat.


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