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Knowledge Management Promotes Innovation

An important part of the SPARC programme is its work to capture what we learn as we go along and pass good practices between the ten states and to other states not directly supported by the programme.

This ensures that SPARC support matches the priorities of individual states. We don’t take a 'one size fits all' approach, but focus on common themes and good practice that can be shared and adapted to fit particular circumstances.

Sharing lessons learned and good practices means setting up clear processes for learning and knowledge sharing. We will use the knowledge management system to routinely monitor and evaluate progress.

Knowledge Management in SPARC therefore focuses on assembling information, analysing the lessons to produce useful knowledge, and strengthening ways in which knowledge can be accessed by those who need it and will benefit from it.

SPARC revised its knowledge management strategy in January 2011 and this is avaiable in our documentation library for download. A summary of our strategy is outlined in our recent issues leaflet - knowledge management promotes innovation.

For information on knowledge management, please email SPARC KM  team. All of our leaflets are available in our multimedia library.

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