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A summary of SPARC’s work in Lagos will be posted here and updated on a regular basis.  The summary will include our work with Lagos State Government (LSG), recent events and progress with governance initiatives. There is also a link to LSG website from here.

Since 2009, when the Lagos State Government (LASG)/DFID State Steering Committee formally approved a comprehensive and detailed Governance Change Plan, SPARC has been supporting governance reforms in Lagos State in three main areas:formally approved a compreSPARC is supporting Governance reform in Lagos State in three main areas:

  •  Strengthening capacity for developing policies and strategies including monitoring and evaluation;
  •  Improving the management of public financial resources; and,
  •  Management of the public service. 

The programme supports a comprehensive portfolio of activities in these areas and works closely with Key Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Lagos State Government

Strenghtening LASG capacity to develop policies and strategies, including monitoring and evaluation.

Our work with various Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of government in Lagos State, specifically Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget (MEPB) in developing responsive policies and strategies including monitoring and evaluation has led to:

  • The development of the Lagos State Development Plan 2013-2025 (LSDP), which expresses the political leadership's clear vision for Lagos in 2025 as: “Africa’s Model Megacity and global, economic and financial hub that is safe, secure, functional and productive.” The LSDP harmonises all the previous and existing policies, including the Ten Point Agenda, the Lagos State Economic Empowernment and Development Strategy (LASEEDS), Vision 20:2020, Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), Sector Master's Plan and resolutions at a Lagos Economic Summits. The LSDP identifies 'Four Development Pillars' (Economic growth, social development and security, infrastructure development and sustainable environment) through which government, as well as the private sector, work together to achieve a shared vision. Cutting across the pillars are governance, finance, gender & social inclusion, and monitoring and evaluation. The LSDP was publicly presented by the Lagos State Governor Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN on Tuesday, 16th of December 2014;

 Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola SAN at the LSDP launch 
  •  Preparation of Medium Term Sector Strategies  (MTSS) in 26 sectors. The MTSS provides the logical link between the LSDP and the Budget using a Programme Based Budget (PBB) approach, and emphasis that priority programmes and projects fit within available resource envelope, monitored and evaluated to ensure Value For Money and improved living standard for Lagosians;
  • Activation of Management Information System (MIS)– called EkoInfo the LASG data bank which incorporates data for planning and measuring LASG MDA's/Sector performance. Lagos Bureau of Statistics has populated the database with up-to-date statistical data and budget information in preparation for online deployment of the MIS. The data will ensure integrity and reliability of data for planning and performance reporting;
  • Introduction and institutionalization of the Annual Performance Management Review and Reporting (PMR) processes for MDA'S/Sectors. Prior to the introduction of the PMR, performance management system was weak, this meant that there was no Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or set targets to evaluate or benchmark the performance of MDAs. The introduction of PMR has built the capacity of M&E Department Staff and the Planning Unit Officers state wide in developing KPI's, setting targets and identifying the impact of programme and projects implemented. The PMR has also emphasized the importance of Result Based Management focused on achieving result targeting overall outcome rather than output.

 Improved management of public financial resources in Lagos State

LASG conducted a Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) self assessment in May 2009. The PEFA report is now available from State Treasury Office page on the Lagos State website.

SPARC's partnership with Lagos State Government to address the identified weaknesses from the assessment has led to:

  • Realistic and predictable annual budget through budget process improvements;
  • Development of reliable Fiscal Model incorporating Economic & Fiscal Updates (EFU), Fiscal Strategy Paper (FSP) and Budget Policy Statement (BPS) that feeds into the Medium Term Budget Framework;
  • Strengthened procurement process through support for the establishment of Lagos State Public Procurement Agency (LSPPA); decentralization and deployment of specialized procurement cadres to MDAs and sustained capacity building of Procurement Officers on regulations, application of Standard Bidding Documents and the Procedures Manual.
 Public service management

Our work with various MDAs managing public services to improve delivery of services has led to:

  • Mapping of Ministerial Mandates and responsibilities of MDAs leading to the identification of areas of duplication, conflict/overlaps and recommendations made on proper alignment of Mandates;
  • Transition from General Administration to Human Resource Management in Lagos State in 4 Pilot MDAs (Education District 1, Civil Service Commission (CSC), Public Service Office (PSO) and Ministry of Establishment Training and Pensions (METP). HR improvement processes currently been implemented include:
  1. Absence Tracker - With the use of the Absence Tracker, A MDA (CSC) captured that staffs have taken 49 days Absence without Office Leave (AWOL) in January alone. As a result of the Absence Tracker, other MDAs have now started recording and calculating cost of absence.
  2. Job Description - The HRM pilot MDAs have now drafted Job Descriptions (JDs) and set targets in other to measure staff performance e.g. Education District 1.
  3. Organograms - HR&A Departmental organograms have now been developed for the HRM pilot MDAs, in addition to properly plan their staffing requirements a 3 year Establishment and Workforce plan has been developed.
  4. HRMIS - The HRM Pilot MDAs now have a data base for population of staff records and other activities, which can be linked to payroll and ORACLE.

Mrs Folashade Jaji LASG HoS giving a welcome address at a LASG/SPARC Retreat 

  • Commitment to service delivery by Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) strengthened with the development of Service Charters for 14 Pilot MDAs, which were subsequently launched by the Governor on July 3rd, 2012 has led to improvement in MDAs workflow processes, procedures. Introduction of Service Charters has brought about a huge awareness with regards to being more customers centric, not just in the pilot MDAs, but across the Public Service . His Excellency, to underscore the importance of service delivery, Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, personally flagged off the initiative. 

Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola at the Service Charters launch

  • Capacity building of PROs to effectively communicate reforms taking place in Lagos state through various mediums of communication. These are evident in increased number of civil servants and the general public with knowledge of reforms taking place in Lagos State Government as well as increased reporting in Alausa Alert and information on reforms on the LASG website. Reporting on 214 reform articles in the Lagos State Newsletter - Alausa Alert, PROs/IOs are more aware of and are better reporting ongoing reform initiatives in the state.

 Coordination in Lagos

SPARC is actively involved in coordination activities through DFID, with other DFID State Level Programmes SLPs, (State Accountability and Voice Initiative (SAVI), Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN), Partnership for Transforming Health Systems 2 (PATHS2) and development partner programmes (World Bank) in the State. Communication of progress and achievement on reforms in Lagos was sustained with the DFID@Work in Lagos publication. DFID Programme coordination has also continued through regular monthly and quarterly progress meetings. The DFID South West-Regional Office has initiated a joint approach for elections and transition engagement with several working sessions to develop formats for communication with the Governor elect, transition committee and the State Executive Council. SPARC supported the eight-year budget trend analysis session facilitated by SAVI for Civil Society Organizations. SPARC-SAVI-GEMS3 engagement with Local Government continued with the first in a planned series of working sessions with pilot local governments to improve planning and budgeting processes.

 For more information contact: km@sparc-nigeria.com



Ondo State Public Sector Reform and Development Project visits SPARC Lagos Office

The SPARC Lagos team received the Ondo State Public Sector Reform and Development Project team on Thursday, 10th March, 2016. The team which was led by its Project Coordinator, Mr Bamidele John Daisi, was accompanied by the General Manager/CEO of the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency.

The visit is part of a study tour to understudy the processes undertaken in implementing the procurement reforms in Lagos State, which commenced in 2010 with support from SPARC.

Group photograph of Ondo State Government delegates, Lagos State Public Procurement Agency (LASPPA) officials and SPARC Lagos Team.

SPARC Lagos State Programme Manager Mr. Ifeanyi Peters (Right) presenting communication materials to Mr. Bamidele John Daisi (left), of the Reform Project in Ondo State 

The State Programme Manager of SPARC in Lagos State, Mr. Ifeanyi Peters, shared with the team key lessons learnt in the course of the programme’s support to the procurement agency in improving processes and structures, and strengthening capacity of officers to regulate procurement practice in Lagos State.

Recommendations were made on the systems and structures needed to be put in place to enable the Ondo State Government achieve accountability, probity and value for money in its procurement systems.

Mr. Bamidele in his remarks appreciated the quality of SPARC support to the procurement reform in Lagos State and expressed interest in accessing support from SPARC to advance Ondo State procurement reform.

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