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Monitoring and Evaluation

The overall purpose of Monitoring and Evaluation is to help managers/team leaders monitor progress against achieving planned results, support lesson learning and strategic adjustment through evaluating the outcomes and impacts of supported initiatives.

SPARC M&E has two areas of focus, including: a) supporting State Government M&E capacity development and b) monitoring and evaluating the work of SPARC.

Support for State Government M&E Capacity Development

The overarching M&E capacity development strategy in SPARC will be to nurture sustainable change through supporting the development of incentives for states to supply increasingly more M&E information, alongside providing technical assistance in support of this. A key focus of developing incentives will be to nurture increased demand for M&E and management information from a range of stakeholders, including Office of The Governor, State House of Assembly, ExCo and Civil Society.

Internal SPARC Monitoring and Evaluation

SPARC M&E MIS has recently been deployed. The purpose of this MIS is to provide SPARC managers with timely information for management decisions and also feed into other internal M&E components such as Evaluation Studies and Joint Annual Review. The M&E MIS enables the systematic capture and storage of regular progress updates against outputs and outcomes in SPARC and State Government work plans, including links to technical documents stored in the SPARC intranet.

Evaluation Studies will help SPARC implement organisational learning and performance management processes. These studies will support the systematic review of performance in order to provide lessons for both State Government and SPARC. This will help review and adjustment of SPARC and State Government strategies, plans and budgets.

Joint Annual Reviews at state levels will be the process by which the effectiveness of strategies and plans will be assessed, supported by the SPARC M&E MIS and evaluation studies outputs. These reviews will be jointly conducted by States Governments, their development partners and other key stakeholders. These reviews will highlight progress against plans, evaluate impact and identify and agree any necessary adjustments. 


 Participants at Kaduna Change Programme Annual Review


 Relationships between SPARC M&E Components


QPRs means Quarterly Progress Reports

APRs means Annual Programme Reviews

For more information, please see: Guidance Note – Monitoring and Evaluation


For information on monitoring and evaluation, please email SPARC M&E Team.

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