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Public Service Management

What is public service reform and why is it important?

Public service reform is all about improving the ways that public services work - so that governments can deliver better services to citizens. SPARC is reinforcing and helping accelerate Nigerian public service reforms.

Improving policies and rules

SPARC is helping improve policies and rules that guide the public service, in order to bring them up-to-date, make them clear and put them in a format and language accessible to both public servants and citizens.

Improving public service organisation

SPARC is helping public services carry out their plans and deliver services. This means first defining responsibilities of government ministries, departments or agencies, then ensuring that ministers and staff have enough funds, people, equipment and other resources to carry out these responsibilities. All this will not be tackled at once. It will be a step-by-step process over several years.

Boosting skills and motivation

For public servants to be effective they have to be motivated and equipped with appropriate skills. SPARC works to help establish a 'performance culture’ that:

  • describes each public servant’s job and responsibilities correctly, so that everyone understands and agrees what they are,
  • identifies what knowledge or skills public servants need to do their jobs, and provides training where needed,
  • holds public servants accountable, by assessing their performance and following through on assessments, and
  • helps Nigerian state governments become better employers and motivates its public servants to excel.

Do we have to reform everything, everywhere?

Clearly, public service reform can include almost anything that could affect the effectiveness (doing the right things), and efficiency (doing things in the right way) of public service delivery. There may be many things which need to change, and the big challenge is deciding where to start. There is no single right answer.

SPARC and state governments are working together to understand where changes are needed, and to decide which areas to tackle first.

For information on public service reform, please email us.

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